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CT Engineering is committed to developing and manufacturing reliable high quality, high performance transaxles, gearbox drive units, motors and brakes for the global market. Recently it has come to our attention that much poorer quality counterfeit products, have come onto the market. These products have a very similar appearance, such as form factor and color; however they are far inferior in quality and reliability and are designed to mislead consumers. If you believe that you have purchased counterfeit CT Engineering products, please contact us immediately at info@ctEngineering.com.tw. We are pleased to provide assistance.

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Gearbox Drive Unit

Solution of Safe Operation

By using preset reactions, the CSTR+ is able to automatically detect faulty operation and protect customers. For example, if a user mistakenly engages the gears and causes the power wheelchair to behave erratically, the CSTR+ will automatically cut the power to the motor. Power will resume once the gears of CTSR+ have been engaged properly.

Patent Protection:

Our innovative technology is protected by existing patents and patents pending.


Reduction Ratio   21:1 ⁄ 28.6:1 ⁄
32:1 ⁄ 48:1
Vehicle Capability   100kg (220lb)
Load Capability   150kg (330lb)
Motor Maximum
Rated Power
  350W /
EMB Torque   4 N.m 8 N.m
CTSR+ CTSR+ CTSR+ https://ctengineering.com.tw/assets/images/products/CTSRplus_w800.png Gear Drive Box CTSR+ (Gear Drive Box) can be used in Power Wheelchair and Service Robot, Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) and Electric Trolley Power Wheelchair and Service Robot, Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) and Electric Trolley Power Wheelchair and Service Robot, Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) and Electric Trolley CT Engineering 建東精工 CT Engineering 建東精工 https://ctengineering.com.tw/assets/images/logo/logo_CTE_w300.png CT Engineering is focusing on the design and manufacture of complete drive system for electric vehicle - transaxle devices units, gearbox drive unit and brake. We assemble our products in our own manufacture. Key parts are produced by us and some other parts are supplied only in Taiwan.


CTSR+ is designed for Power Wheelchair, Service Robot, Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) and Electric Trolley.

Power Wheelchair Service Robot Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Electric Trolley


The CSTR+ has a built-in sensor to detect the position of the gears.
If the gears are not aligned correctly they can break and wear excessively, or even cause the CTSR+ to behave erratically. In events such as these, the CTSR+ will send a signal to the controller to cut the power and prevent unexpected turning and sudden unintended acceleration (SUA).

Similar products on the market use sensors to only detect the position of the driving lever without checking the position of the gears. This is easy to misjudge and has the potential to lead to more dangerous operation.

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Product Features

Transaxle Drive Unit



High precision machining to achieve low noise level


Maximum efficiency in motor performance and gear transmission


High reliability Very low failure rate


Flexible solutions to satisfy different client needs


Modularized structure for saving time and cost on repair


Superior quality housing  

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