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CT Engineering is committed to developing and manufacturing reliable high quality, high performance transaxles, gearbox drive units, motors and brakes for the global market. Recently it has come to our attention that much poorer quality counterfeit products, have come onto the market. These products have a very similar appearance, such as form factor and color; however they are far inferior in quality and reliability and are designed to mislead consumers. If you believe that you have purchased counterfeit CT Engineering products, please contact us immediately at We are pleased to provide assistance.

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  • Address: No.135, Zhongxiao 1st Street
    East District, Chiayi City
    60080, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Contact Person: Mr. Roy Chang
  • TEL: +886 (5) 276 2901
  • FAX: +886 (5) 276 9947
+886 (5) 276 2901

Welcome to CT Engineering

Over 50 Years of Professional Services

CT Engineering is focusing on the design and manufacture of complete drive systems for electric vehicle.

For the last 60years, we have demonstrated our commitment to developing and manufacturing reliable and easy to operate, high performance transaxles, gearbox drive units, motors and brake.

Our mission is to deliver safe and smart total solutions.

As we enhance our competitiveness and improve our working environment, we foster a company culture that values happiness, distinction and aesthetics.

Brand Story

Confidence is Earned

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to make people feel a little more important and valued. A kind word, a gesture of acknowledgement or a show of appreciation can go a long way to strengthen and build relationships between people. And the same can be said in business or industry, too, CT Engineering is a good example of this.

When all common factors are removed from the competing field, CT Engineering is left with a strong sense of commitment to its customers, which in turn translates into all the small details that help the company and its team to stand out from the field.

CT Engineering treats each client with diligence, as if it was their only one. CT Engineering simplifies each client's problems or issues and turns complicated projects into efficient solutions. At the end of the day, client confidence comes from a combination of the above, and these are the daily goals that we, at CT Engineering, have given ourselves and constantly strive to achieve and surpass.

Attending 2020 Yunlin International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition


We offer flexibility by being more agreeable to unusual or unique requests.


We simplify each client's problems or issues and turns complicated projects into efficient solutions.


We treat each client with diligence, as if it was their only one.

Company History

Over 50 Years of Professional Services

  • 1st Phase: Mechanical centered

  • 1965

    CT Machine Co., Ltd. was established and manufacture diesel engines
  • 1975

    Started the development and manufacture of agriculture machinery
  • 1980

    Started the manufacture of gasoline engine and components
  • 2000

    Started the manufacture of transaxle and gearbox for electric vehicles
  • 2nd Phase: Expand into electric

  • 2006

    CT Engineering Co., Ltd. was established
    Started the manufacture of PMDC motor and electromagnetic brake
  • 2014

    Offer consultancy on electric vehicles optimization
  • 2016

    Offer total solution on drive system for electric vehicle development
  • 2018

    Started the development for AI modular platform
    Further into development of autonomous applications
  • 2020

    Started the development of autonomous solutions for agriculture machinery

Quality Control

We are a certified company

Quality control ensures the product quality that emphasizes the trustworthiness and seriousness of the company and supports the customer guaranteeing completely the choice and the preference given to our production.

RoHS Compliance

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REACH Compliance


ISO 9001 Certification

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ISO 13485 Certification

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Norwegian Accreditation

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We truly care about our clients and our products.